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Overcoming Binge Eating

Reviews of Overcoming Binge Eating (Second Edition)

“By any standard, Christopher Fairburn is the leading authority in our field, so who better to write the definitive book? This program is based on vast clinical experience, numerous clinical trials, and a breadth of perspective that few possess. You can trust this book. It is a landmark.”

Kelly Brownell PhD, Director, Rudd Center for Obesity, Yale University

“It is difficult to improve on a classic, but that is exactly what Dr. Fairburn has done. Overcoming Binge Eating, Second Edition, expands on the highly effective cognitive behavioral treatment for eating disorders that Dr. Fairburn has developed. If you or a loved one suffer from binge eating, bulimia or other eating disorders, this is the book to read--and re-read.”

Robert Leahy PhD, Director, American Institute for Cognitive Therapy

“In this gem of a book, Dr Fairburn draws upon decades of clinical experience and research findings on binge eating and related problems. This new (and thoroughly reworked) edition is a “must read” if you want to understand binge eating problems and begin (or guide and support others on) the journey toward full recovery.”

Ruth H. Striegel PhD, Editor-in-chief, International Journal of Eating Disorders

The book and its use

Overcoming Binge Eating is designed to provide a readable and authoritative account of binge eating problems and how to overcome them. Part I presents the most current facts while Part II comprises a self-help program based on the latest version of the most effective treatment available. The programme can be used by anyone with a binge eating problem so long as they are not substantially underweight.

The original version of Overcoming Binge Eating was published in 1995. Since then Part I has become established as a leading source of information on binge eating problems. Meanwhile the treatment program in Part II has been investigated in numerous clinical trials making it possibly the most extensively tested self-help program for any problem. Time after time it has been found to be a potent source of help, either when used on its own or when used with external support (guided self-help). As a result the program has become established as a leading treatment for binge eating problems. In recognition of this, Overcoming Binge Eating was awarded the Seal of Merit from the US Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies and in the UK National Health Service doctors can prescribe the book as if it were a form of medication.

Preface to Overcoming Binge Eating (Second Edition)

Time moves on, new knowledge is acquired, and with the new knowledge comes advances in treatment. As a result the second edition is essentially a new book. It continues to provide a comprehensive and up to date account of what we know about binge eating problems including those seen in anorexia nervosa, but it also provides much more information about dieting, body weight and body image.

Part II has been substantially modified in light of advances in treatment and in particular the development of a new “enhanced” version of the leading evidence-based treatment, so-called CBT-E. CBT-E includes a new way of conceptualizing eating problems, improved ways of regaining control over eating, a more sophisticated approach to the addressing of concerns about shape and weight, and much more emphasis on relapse prevention. These new developments have been incorporated into the self-help program. The self-help program in this new version of Overcoming Binge Eating is, in essence, a self-help version of CBT-E.

Contents of Overcoming Binge Eating (Second Edition)



  • CHAPTER 1. Binge Eating
  • CHAPTER 2. Eating Problems and Eating Disorders
  • CHAPTER 3. Who Binges?
  • CHAPTER 4. Psychological and Social Aspects
  • CHAPTER 5. Physical Aspects
  • CHAPTER 6. What Causes Binge Eating Problems?
  • CHAPTER 7. Binge Eating and Addiction
  • CHAPTER 8. The Treatment of Binge Eating Problems



  • Getting Ready
  • Starting Well
  • Regular Eating
  • Alternatives to Binge Eating
  • Problem Solving
  • Taking Stock
  • Dieting
  • Body Image
  • Ending Well


  • I Obtaining Professional Help for an Eating Problem
  • II Calculating Your Body Mass Index
  • III If You Are Also Overweight
  • IV Tackling Other Problems
  • V A Note for Relatives and Friends
  • VI A Note for Therapists
  • Further Reading