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Other research on eating disorders

Research in Oxford

CREDO is engaged in one other Oxford-based line of eating disorder research, which overlaps with the work taking place under the aegis of the Centre for Research on Dissemination at Oxford. It is on the development and testing of a new and scalable method for training therapists in transdiagnostic CBT for eating disorders (CBT-E).This work includes work developing measures of therapist competence at implementing CBT-E.

Research Outside Oxford

CREDO has always had strong links with research groups outside Oxford. Currently our main links are as follows:

Australia - Professor Susan Byrne

Ongoing trial evaluating CBT-E for anorexia nervosa

Canada - Professor Marion Olmsted

Planned comparison of CBT-E and conventional CBT in the treatment of severe eating disorders following hospitalisation

Italy - Dr Riccardo Dalle Grave

Evaluation of CBT-E for adolescents and adults with anorexia nervosa

Evaluation of CBT-E for inpatients with severe eating disorders

USA - Professor W Stewart Agras, Professor Daniel Le Grange and Professor James Lock

Future comparison of CBT-E and family-based therapy (FBT) in the treatment of adolescents with eating disorders

USA – Professor G Terence Wilson

Development of web-centred CBT-E for eating disorders